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Ginger is our main girl, our first love, the one who started it all. She is first & foremost our pet, but also Mom to 3 beautiful and healthy litters. She is an F1, 42 pound goldendoodle. She is no longer having puppies but is happy to let all the dogs who come over know that she is still the boss.. and that's ok, she has certainly earned that title.


Rosie is Ginger's daughter. She just recently celebrated her 2nd birthday. She is 30 pounds of sass and lives in a wonderful guardian home with 3 human brother's who adore her. Her human mom was thrilled to have a little lady in the house. She also lives down the street from her sister Ruby from the same litter and they are the best of friends.

Rosie recently had her final litter and was an amazing mom. We held back a beautiful litter girl from her named Willow who will continue this incredible line.


Charlie is a 22 pound multi generational Mini Goldendoodle from Silvercreek Goldendoodle's.

She is like a little stuffed, bouncy teddy bear full of love. She is truly loved by everyone who meets her, especially children. She has always loved checking in on the puppies even when they are not her's and is so gentle with them. Charlie will gladly play with any dog who wants to play with her. She lives with us and is part of our family.



Macy is an adorable 28 pound multigenerational goldendoodle. She also lives in an amazing guardian home where she is spoiled and loved dearly. Her favorite activity is chasing her blue ball and bringing it back over and over as many times as possible. :) She recently had her 2nd litter of minigoldendoodles and is so sweet and nurturing to her babies. She is the mom to our stud Fozzie.

IMG_4122 2.heic


28 pounds, 20 inches

Multigeneration goldendoodle-Fozzie has an incredible temperament. He’s confident, playful, sweet and eager to please. He’s been well socialized with kids of all ages and other dogs. He will produce the highly desirable straight coats that are fully furnished. 

F/F -/- 

Ee, BB, KBky, SS, mm

Hips, elbows, patella, cardiac

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