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Crates & Bedding

Crate-I recommend a wire crate with a divider that will grow with your puppy. Goldendoodles are thick coated dogs and get hot in the plastic closed in crates.  You don’t want the space to be too large while your still potty training. The 36” is a good size for mini-medium goldendoodles.

Crate bed-You may want to hold off on adding this until they are reliably crate trained so it isn’t soiled, however they are washable in case of an accident.

Keep a blanket or towel nearby to cover crate at night or when you want them to settle. It works well to help them feel secure and cozy.

Toys are not just for fun. They are necessary for the mental and emotional well being of your dog.

Chewing is a natural, instinctive activity and pups and dogs should be given safe, appropriate chew toys. Puppies need appropriate objects to chew on while they are teething. This helps relieve the discomfort, and it also teaches them to discern toys from non-toys. Bully sticks are perfect for this time of life, as well as for adult dogs. 

Chewing also helps relieve boredom and helps keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean.

8793_TreatMeRight small.png

Adjustable Nylon collar w/plastic clasp. 8 - 12 inch size for standard and medium Goldendoodle puppies. This will work for them for several months. Smaller for mini-small Goldendoodle puppies.

We love lupine collars and leashes. They are well, made, wash well, affordable, and come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns.

Lupine stands by their products and replaces any damaged product (even if chewed!)

This Chris Christensen brush is the most recommended brush among doodle owners. Many swear by it even with the hefty price. I have not personally used, my groomer recommended to me this Show Tech brush and I have been pleased with it so I'm providing info for both. 

~You can see this stuffy friend is a favorite. We used it when the puppies were very small, and for some of them it's still their most favorite toy to snuggle.~

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