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Please read through for details of things you will need. These are all items I have used or puppy families have recommended.

Crate - which establishes a safe sleeping space for your puppy and a great tool in potty training. A crate also keeps your puppy safe in times that you aren’t there to watch him or her.

If you choose to go with a larger crate, we recommend getting one that has a divider. Their natural instinct is to keep their bed area clean. Too much space too soon will cause them to have accidents in their crate.

I recommend a wire crate with a divider that will grow with your puppy. The 36” is a good size for mini-medium goldendoodles, 42” for large or standard size. If they get to where they can’t stand up comfortably and have to hunch over it’s time for a larger crate.

On my Amazon shopping list I have the 36 inch with the divider, but also listed the smaller 24 inch which is the size they would need as a puppy. That’s what I use for them at my house when we practice crate training. The 36 inch with the divider keeps you from buying 2.

Here is a great intro video to crate training from Baxter and Bella:

If you are looking for puppy training help, check out Baxter and Bella's Online Puppy School. You get 20% off with code UPSTATE.

Some great items to have in your crate: 

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