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How we do our puppy picks:


Puppies are essentially picked in order of deposits, however families will not pick until the puppy reaches 5-6 weeks of age. We wait so that we can accurately assess their temperaments. When you first put a deposit down I will ask some questions about what you are looking for in your new puppy. Male, female ( if undecided at that point that is ok), what activities do you hope to enjoy together, your home environment, family size, ect…

All of these questions will help me in determining the best match for your family, so when it comes time to choose, I can suggest the few that I feel would be the best fit based on what you have shared. I also ask for your “wish list” or preferences regarding color and coat, and all of those fun things. I completely understand we all have certain looks we are most attracted to, however we do try to focus much more on the temperament and health. For example, if someone tells me on their application they really want a calmer disposition, the puppy that seems very low energy, but then they tell me they just LOVE the puppy I posted a picture of with the cute white spot on her ear, but yet I know that puppy just happens to be the most rambunctious, dominant female in the group, then I’m going to suggest that is probably not the best choice for them.We want to find forever families for our puppies and since we often have families that are out of state and not able to visit the litter prior to pick up, they rely heavily on my ability to help match them to their puppy. I spend hours with them daily so I’m able to give you a much more accurate description of their personalities than just a short video or pictures might give you.


*As the breeder, I do always reserve the right to first pick. I do sometimes choose to hold back a puppy for my breeding program.


Our visitor policy:


We do allow families that have a deposit on a litter to visit if they choose. Puppies must be at least 4 weeks of age before any visitors are permitted. These first few weeks are a critical time for mom and babies health and my focus is 100% on their care, making sure they are eating well and gaining weight. Mom’s are also extra protective at this time and anyone coming in that she doesn’t know can cause her unnecessary stress. It is usually around that 3 week mark that puppies begin to open their eyes and start scooting around more, and Mom becomes more relaxed. They are usually settled into a nice routine by then.  We are more than happy to schedule a visit for your family after that point but we do require certain safety measures are taken (shoes must be removed, hands washed..)

This is to prevent bringing in any viral infections such as the canine parvovirus, which is a HIGHLY contagious viral infection that affects dogs. Puppies between the ages of 5-12 weeks are at the highest risk. Parvo is transmitted through objects, such as shoes. It can live as long as a year in the grass or on your shoes and you would have no idea. You could have walked through the pet store, the park, a campsite...even your backyard. When puppies leave our home at 8 weeks, even though they have had their first round of vaccinations, they are still considered unvaccinated until the 3rd round. This is why it is crucial you don’t take your new puppy to the pet store and set them down, or walk them around the block. We take every measure of caution possible when it comes to the well being of these puppies. Even when we take the puppies to their first vet appointment, they never touch the ground.

We help match you with the best puppy for your family
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