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Macy's Puppies


Macy & Oliver will have a litter of mini-goldendoodles early spring, 2023. Macy loves being a mom and it shows in the temperament of her puppies. 

This litter is full at this time.


Willow & Oliver

large medium/small standard 

Willow is a beautiful cream girl who will be bred to Oliver. I can't wait to see the different shades of colors we will get with these two. 

They should be born in July and go home this September.

Now accepting applications for this litter!

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Dolly & Gunner 


Dolly is Charlie's daughter and we will have a repeat breeding with Gunner this spring and puppies should go home in the summer. Expected weight 22-28 pounds.

IMG_4122 2.heic

Gypsy's Puppies


Gypsy is also Ginger's daughter. We expect her puppies to be medium size 35-45 pounds.

They will all have wavy, non shedding coats.

Her last litter had 9 beautiful puppies with some gorgeous markings and coats. 

These pups are due towards the end of Aug. and will go home this fall.

Now taking applications for this litter!

IMG_4122 2.heic

Julia & Fozzie


Julia is the daughter of Rosie & her puppies are a 4th generation from our original girl, Ginger. She will be bred to Fozzie and their puppies should be medium size, anywhere from 25-35 pounds approximately. They will have wavy non shedding coats with white tuxedo coats. 

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