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Willow & Oliver

large medium

(40-55 pounds)

Willow is a beautiful cream F1 goldendoodle. She had 10 beautiful pups May 21st. We still have 5 spots available on this litter. Willow & Oliver both have the best temperaments and love everyone they meet. Puppies will go home July 7th-9th.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Dolly & Gunner 


Dolly's ( Charlie's daughter) puppies are expected June 12th. Expected weight 22-28 pounds with wavy teddybear coats. Her first litter was beautiful and we can't wait to see these little ones. Dolly's list is full at this time.

IMG_4122 2.heic

Gypsy's Puppies


Gypsy is also Ginger's daughter. We expect her puppies to be medium size 35-45 pounds.

They will all have wavy, non shedding coats.

Her last litter had 9 beautiful puppies with some gorgeous markings and coats. 

These pups are due towards the end of Aug. and will go home this fall.

Now taking applications for this litter!

IMG_4122 2.heic

Julia & Fozzie


Julia is the daughter of Rosie & her puppies are a 4th generation from our original girl, Ginger. She will be bred again to Fozzie and their puppies will be mini/medium size, anywhere from 25-35 pounds approximately. They will have wavy non shedding coats with white tuxedo markings. Julia's pups should go home before the end of the year. 

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