Ginger is the girl who started it all, and the reason we fell in love with the goldendoodle breed.

She is a 42 pound F1 Goldendoodle.

Her mom was a gorgeous golden retriever named Annie, and her dad a standard poodle named Zeke. She has such a sweet demeanor about her, but also very intelligent with a small streak of stubborness. She has a special gentleness and intuition when it comes to children and loves it when they give her attention. She is our pet and has a very special place in our family. Ginger just had her 3rd and final litter of puppies and she has been a great mom to all of them. We have held back 2 of her daughters for breeding that we hope will carry on the wonderful qualities that we love about her. They are Piper, and Rosie and both live in guardian homes where they are part of wonderful families and are very loved.

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